New Series in the Works


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I have just started a new project that I am very excited about. I, like many, many people, am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. It all began that one day at the library many years ago, when I came across a beautiful edition of Through the Looking Glass. I read it. I loved it. I read it again. I think I checked that book out about 3 times. I wish I could find the same edition now, but I don’t know which one it was. Anyway, the thing I remember most about it, was the amazing illustrations. Just simple black and white. Ink lines drawn on the page, but somehow, they expressed so much imagination and just drew you right into the story. Awesome. Ever since, Alice has stuck with me, and honestly, it was because of those illustrations.

Point being, I love John Tenniel, who was the illustrator of those original Lewis Carroll stories. Since I find his illustrations so inspiring, over the next few months, I am going to be replicating them in my own style. This will be a really fun challenge for me, and I can’t wait until they are all finished! I will be releasing them as I go.




In the Shop!


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 I am so happy to announce that I now have new prints in the shop

Here they are!

blog collage

Cutting Paper


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Since my last post, a lot has changed: I sold most of my prints, and have been really needing to order more; I have so many new paintings I need to get prints of and add them to my Etsy store. I also just moved away from my hometown where I have lived my whole life, thus, the reason for not keeping up with posts and prints! Oh yes, and I have not had my own computer for quite some time, but I do now, so I can start getting my print files ready again. Hooray! I just have had so much on my mind and so many things to take care of, but I need to get back in the groove.

While not posting and printing, I did work on a little project unrelated to my paintings.

It required a lot of this:

photo (1)

Cutting paper, that is.

By the way, I think that is a picture of Robert E. Lee. Just in case you were wondering.

And this was my final result after all the cutting and pasting!


I think I will make more of these. They are time consuming, but maybe some will make it into my shop eventually.

~Melissa Davis~

Bubble Beauty


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I was blowing bubbles the other day, and thought that it would be neat to try to take pictures of them. I realized just how beautiful the colors are in a bubble, and how the pavement showing through them makes it look like they contain a starry sky with the Northern Lights.

imageimage image

Live long and prosper!

Artistic Inspiration


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As I was leafing through an old encyclopedia, I came across this wonderful gem: an illustration from William Péne Du Bois’ The Twenty-One Balloons.

And I gasped with awe…




Oh my word. This image just takes me…somewhere else. I am in love and indeed inspired.

I think this calls for a visit to the library!

With Spring rapidly approaching, I have been finding that I want to spend more time outside than I do painting. The weather has been beautiful here! Cleaning up flower beds, pruning, and planting new flowers, have been my most recent joys. However, I do have have quite a few paintings that have not made it into the shop yet.

I decided to add more woodland animals to my collection, and the Olive Otters needed friends, so what better friends to have than some adorable raccoons! I will have my print images done in the very near future. There will also be a few other paintings as well. I just started another collection too, and will reveal more about that later.

Here they are, The Raspberry Raccoons!